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I began flying small airplanes in 1993 and earned commercial and flight instructor certificates in 1995.  In 1996 I joined the Civil Air Patrol and in 1998 I was appointed an FAA Aviation Safety Counselor.

I fly out of nearby airports in Bridgeport, CT; White Plains, NY; and Teterboro, NJ

Directions to Robinson Aviation at HVN (map) - Directions to Million Air at BDR - Directions to 11N


Pictures of the aircraft I fly: N9284P - N3ZQ - N1144R - gliders - blimps

Airplane partnership available at Bridgeport

Articles and Tips from Malcolm the Flight Instructor

Article about volunteer flying opportunities

Tax deduction information for volunteer pilots

Lake page

Gyroplane page

Soaring page

Ballooning page

Seaplane page (coming soon)


My aviation resume is available - please email me for the link. malcolm (at) mdickinson (dot) com

If you're a seaplane pilot headed for Sun-n-Fun or Oshkosh, download my Seaplane Parking Area Sign by right-clicking here and choosing "save target as".


Favorite aviation web sites:


BDR - Igor Sikorsky Memorial Airport (Bridgeport) in Stratford, CT

Directions to Atlantic Aviation

current conditions - forecast conditions - radar - airport information

HPN - Westchester County Airport (White Plains) in Harrison, NY 

Directions to Panorama

Directions to Westair

current conditionsairport information

TEB - Teterboro, NJ

Directions to Atlantic Aviation

current conditions - home page - airport information

HVN - Tweed-New Haven Airport, New Haven/East Haven, CT

Directions to Robinson Aviation / Shoreline Aviation

Walker's Cay, Bahamas (a great fly-in destination)

Live picture of the weather in Alaska's Anaktuvuk Pass


Pilot tools:

AirNav is a free web site which contains complete FAA Airport/Facility Directory data on all U.S. airports.  It also has, for each airport, a list of all businesses (FBOs, flight schools, maintenance shops) at the airport plus nearby hotels and restaurants.  This list contains phone numbers, hours of operation, email addresses, and web site URLs.  I can't say enough about this site - I use it all the time!

DTC DUATS on the Web

GTE DUATS on the Web

FARs part 61

ICAO Aircraft Designators for flight plans

Fly Away (the $100 hamburger page)

LANDINGS aviation website

AVweb aviation website

DeLorme Eartha Maps will show you a street map for any town in the U.S. with every street and the local airport shown on the map.

Volunteer flying:

My article on volunteer flying opportunities

Air Care Alliance - Listing of Groups

Civil Air Patrol

Coast Guard Auxiliary


Atlantic Flyer Newspaper

FAA Aviation News

AOPA Flight Training Magazine

NASA Callback Newsletter

Plane and Pilot Magazine

Private Pilot Magazine


Gleim Aviation Products

See my CFI page

Gliding: see my soaring page

Lighter-than-air flying (balloons and blimps):

See my ballooning page

The Airship Page

The Fujifilm Blimp, managed by Airship Management Services

Goodyear Blimps

The Lightship Group, flying blimps made by The American Blimp Co.

Clubs and "alphabet groups":

Airplane Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA)

National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI)

Popular Rotorcraft Association (PRA)

Seaplane Pilots Association (SPA)

Squadron One Flying Club

Yale Aviation


EAA AirVenture (Oshkosh)

Sun-N-Fun Fly-in

Annual Seaplane Fly-In at Greenville, Maine

My list of links to a great many aviation sites

Minneapolis from the air, 1997


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