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Coast Guard Auxiliary

I am a volunteer search and rescue pilot with

the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary


The Auxiliary is a group of citizen volunteers concerned with boating safety. The organization's main goal is to increase boating safety by educating the public and by conducting safety patrols in areas where recreational boating is prevalent.  These safety patrols are conducted by Auxiliary members in boats and airplanes that they own themselves.


The U.S. Coast Guard is a small organization with a very small budget.  They do not have enough personnel, boats, and airplanes to patrol the busy coastal waters on weekends when thousands of recreational boaters are out enjoying the day.  Because the auxiliarists own their own boats and airplanes, the Coast Guard simply reimburses the auxiliarists for their fuel expenses, and the public is served by volunteers at a fraction of the cost of the professionals.


On occasions such as Tall Ships festivals, sailing and rowing regattas, OpSail 2000, etc., the active-duty Coast Guard and the Auxiliarists work together as "team Coast Guard" to provide safety and security.

If you have questions about joining or becoming a pilot, check my page of information on becoming a pilot.  If I can be of help, get in touch with me by email or at 203-698-2600.




Coast Guard Auxiliary national web site - Information about the organization.

Diagrams of Coast Guard Auxiliary ribbons, medals, and insignia

District 1SR The page about the area that includes CT, NJ, and the southern half of New York State.

Division 6 (western Westchester County, NY)

Division 7 (Southeastern Westchester County, NY and western Fairfield County, CT)

Flotilla 7-2, Norwalk, CT

Flotilla 7-3, Mamaroneck, NY

Flotilla 7-4, Stamford, CT

District 1SR aviation page Aviation in the New York / Connecticut / New Jersey area.

Becoming a Coast Guard Auxiliary pilot How a private pilot can become a Coast Guard Auxiliary pilot - the District's step-by-step list.  Also see My how-to list.

Tax deduction information for volunteer pilots

If you are interested in joining, call 1-800-368-5647 (be sure to explain that you want information on the Auxiliary, not on the full-time Coast Guard!), or use the Auxiliary's national web site to find a unit near you.

Pictures of the aircraft I fly

Sources for CGAUX uniform items, including new and used flight suits

Other volunteer flying opportunities

Pilot, Observer, and seaplane at Floyd Bennett Field (Coast Guard Air Station Brooklyn) before a patrol
On the side of my plane you can see the Coast Guard Facility emblem.
At the time we wore the D1SR Aviation emblem on the right chest; nowadays we wear a Coast Guard Auxiliary patch instead.


Pilot, Co-Pilot, and seaplane at Bridgeport after a patrol

Becoming a Coast Guard Auxiliary pilot How to become a Coast Guard Auxiliary Pilot or Observer Coast Guard Auxiliary - Sources for uniform items