Lake N3ZQ

was built by Lake Aircraft in Sanford, Maine in 1976 and is a model LA-4-200 with a Lycoming IO-360 engine (200 horsepower).  Its gross weight is 2600 pounds.  It cruises at 120 miles per hour and seats three adults (or 2 adults and 2 children).

I owned the aircraft, singly and with a co-owner, from 1996 until 2002.

Pictures of N3ZQ

The Lake Amphibian Flyers Club has no web page but you can email Marc Rodstein, the club's director, or call 941-635-3381.  Marc has created a web page with pictures from the LAFC's annual fly-in seminar at River Ranch, Florida.  For information about the fly-in in February 2000, contact Mark.

The Lake is not unlike the Grumman Seaplanes that preceded it in the 1940s, such as the Grumman Albatross.

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