Airplane Partnership Available at Bridgeport

N9284P is a 1968 Piper Comanche 260B with the full array of LoPresti "GTO" modifications (cowl, tail balance kit, gap seals, speed fairings, specially-designed propeller, and a one-piece windshield).

This plane was featured on the cover of Private Pilot magazine, October 1995

Condition: 7 in, 10 out (new paint June 2007)

Cruise speed: 189 mph (165 knots)

Seats 6. Leather seats; special ergonomic pilot seat by Oregon Aero.

260 horsepower engine, Lycoming IO-540 - factory engine installed 2007, only 75 hours SFRM (2000 TBO)

Max gross weight 3100 lbs.

Fuel consumption: 14.5 gph (economy cruise) 15.5 gph (max power cruise)

Fuel capacity: 90 gallons

Range: 6 hours (about 950 nautical miles)

Avionics: King KX-155 NAV/COMM, Apollo SL60 IFR-certified GPS/COMM, Piper autopilot, JPI 6-cylinder engine monitor, all new gyros 1998.

Maintenance: exceptional. Every item found has been corrected. All inspections current.

Many popular modifications: 6-place stereo intercom, wingtip strobes, PulseLite, shoulder harnesses, updated interior, etc.

I have owned this airplane since 1995 and am seeking another pilot to share it.  It will be tied down at either BDR or HPN.

1/2 share (or two 1/3 shares) for sale - price upon request.

For more information, call me at 698-2600 or email to "malcolm [at) malcolm [dot) cc"

Front view featuring LoPresti "Wholey Cowl" and specially-designed Hartzell Syncro-Pulse propeller


Close up of LoPresti Cowl (photo is of another airplane with the same cowl and a similar paint scheme)


Previous paint scheme (taken 1996)