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Commercial Certificate

Question: I hold a commercial pilot certificate. What kind of operations can I perform without falling under Part 135?

Answer: There are many commercial opportunities. Refer to FAR Part 119.1(e) which details the exceptions to Part 119 and allows those operations under Part 91 (

These operations include:

Student instruction (requires a CFI certificate)
Some nonstop sightseeing flights
Ferry or training flights
Crop dusting
Banner towing (requires an endorsement)
Glider towing (requires an endorsement)
Aerial photography
Fire fighting
Helicopter operations in construction or repair
Power line or pipeline patrol
Sightseeing flights in hot air balloons
Parachute jumping.

What can I not do with my new commercial certificate?

You cannot take people or cargo from place to place in exchange for money or other compensation. That would be a FAR Part 135 ("air taxi") operation.